Culturezone pursues the purpose of educating people interculturally, to enable them to live adequately in a diverse world. This is achieved through sensitization and competence training.
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Living solely in one’s own cultural group has become dysfunctional in this era of globalization. We help you learn about other cultures in the process of becoming ethnorelative and interculturally competent. In seminars you learn about the stages from ethnocentricity through ethnorelativism and where you stand in this process. Next you enter a stage of cultural literacy in which you learn about others and finally learn to reconcile conflicts with your newly acquired “other awareness”.

16 Windows on Culture

wechsel Concept of Self

wechsel Sense of Responsibility

wechsel Beliefs about Productivity

wechsel Motivational Approach

wechsel Response to Ambiguity

wechsel Decision-Making

wechsel Assumptions about Status

wechsel Gender roles

wechsel Language

wechsel Communication Style

wechsel Communication

wechsel Trust

wechsel Holding of beliefs

wechsel Control Orientation

wechsel Spirituality

wechsel Orientation to Time

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