Culturezone pursues the purpose of educating people interculturally, to enable them to live adequately in a diverse world. This is achieved through sensitization and competence training.
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"The mission at WorldWork is to build the capability of individuals, teams and organisations to create and enjoy constructive relationships with partners from other countries. We do this by designing and distributing development aids to help people operate more effectively in unfamiliar cultural settings."

TIP - The International Profiler

The IPI - International Preferences Indicator

CABV is an accredited DPI trainer of York Associates and thus authorised to use their approach. York’s motto is – developing people internationally - their mission being to develop people for their international careers. With this accreditation, CABV also helps individuals and teams achieve better results internationally, in particular through building strong professional relationships across cultures. In York Associates we have a strong partner with more than 25 years’ experience of developing competence in five areas: language, communication, intercultural, interpersonal and leadership. Together we can provide you with a range of solutions to improve your international performance..
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